Barbadian entrepreneurs amongst a cohort of sixty-eight entrepreneurs selected for the Leaders in Innovation Fellowships Global and Advance programs to progress their engineering solutions to Sustainable Development Goals.

The Royal Academy of Engineering has announced the most recent entrepreneurs chosen for the Leaders in Innovation Fellowships (LIF) Global and Advance programs. Sixty-eight participants from both programs will receive entrepreneurial and commercialization training to develop engineering solutions that address Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on a local and global scale, ranging from circular agriculture to affordable clean transportation and green construction practices. These programs, funded by the UK’s Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, aim to enhance economic and social development by boosting technologies that make a difference in communities and enhancing business capacities.

Fifty-eight innovators from countries such as Barbados, Colombia, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, Romania, Turkey and Vietnam with varying solutions, such as ocean plastic recycling, accessible medical training devices, cancer treatment approaches, environmental de-contaminants, and a sleep-improving device for patients with chronic disease, were selected for the LIF Global program. Over the next eight months this year’s cohort will benefit from free, bespoke training and support from the Academy and its network of experts that will assist them in scaling up their businesses. The entrepreneurs will be able to connect with local innovation networks and LIF peers, receive tailored entrepreneurship instruction and one-to-one expert mentoring through online and in-person events.

After completing the LIF Global program, the graduating cohort will join their LIF Advance peers in an alumni community of 1,400+ engaged and passionate global entrepreneurs, where they will have access to the Academy’s international support for researchers and entrepreneurs, as well as links to the UK innovation ecosystem.

Director of Enterprise at the Royal Academy of Engineering, Ana Avaliani, said “The power of engineering and technology innovations in tackling sustainable development challenges cannot be overstated – it is why we are so excited to support the entrepreneurs selected for this year’s LIF Global and Advance programs. Collectively their engineering solutions will impact global health, social mobility, and economic growth across the globe, beginning with tailored approaches to solving local issues.”

For the full list of the 2022/23 LIF Global participants please click here.