BLOOM intends to develop the Barbados Clean Tech Industry Report, which will be updated regularly. Attached to the report, it is intended to create a joint vision statement and label and label for the Barbados Clean Tech Industry (The BLOOM label). This will give cluster members and Barbadian institutions the opportunity to promote their products and services under one label. The industry report will become part of a country report series under the BLOOM Regional Clean Tech Cluster Program, coordinated by UNIDO. It will also provide relevant data for the intended Barbados Green Industry Assessment Reports of the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE). Moreover, the industry report will also provide a more solid benchmark for the higher level indicators in the GEF CEO Endorsement Document and its monitoring plan

The initially developed Sustainable Energy Industry Baseline Assessment will provide a basis and will be further complemented and extended to other cleantech areas. Cleantech includes a broad range of energy and environmental products and services (e.g. renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste disposal, treatment and recycling, circular economy) and related business models.

To facilitate the process, UNIDO and BLOOM are seeking support from experienced and qualified consultants. Specifically, the consultants will provide the following deliverables ( fully edited, designed and ready to be published):

1) Clean Tech Industry Assessment and Database incl. tracking framework

2) Clean Tech Industry Report, incl. summary document for policy makers and clients

3) BLOOM Clean Vision Statement and Label ( incl. corporate identity design)

Further information is included in the UNIDO websiteApplicants are requested to submit their proposals no later than 05 March, 2021, 17:00 hrs., CET, by registering on the UNIDO procurement page (

In case of difficulties, applications could exceptionally be sent to The bidder should, however, provide an objective and convincing justification for not having submitted via the procurement system.